Introduction to Web Development

This course introduces the essential ingredients in web development. You'll learn how to use HTML to create simple web pages, how to use CSS to style your web pages, and how to use JavaScript to make your web pages responsive to user actions. The course acts as a springboard for our other web development courses, which dive into the details of particular libraries and technologies.


3 days



  • This course does not assume any prior experience in web development

What you'll learn

  • Creating simple web pages using HTML
  • Styling web pages using CSS
  • Making web pages responsive using JavaScript

Course details

Introduction to Web Development

  • Overview of web servers and browsers
  • HTTP essentials
  • Overview of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Tools for creating web pages
  • Overview of cloud computing

Getting Started with HTML

  • Writing a simple HTML web page
  • HTML head and body sections
  • Elements and attributes
  • Headings, paragraphs, and divs

Going Further with HTML

  • Hyperlinks
  • Creating lists
  • Creating tables
  • Displaying images

Creating Forms

  • Overview of HTML forms
  • Input controls
  • Submitting forms

Styling Web Pages

  • Overview of styles
  • Defining inline styles
  • Defining CSS style sheets

Going Further with CSS

  • Colours and backgrounds
  • Margins and padding
  • Font and text
  • Lists

Introduction to JavaScript

  • The role of JavaScript
  • Declaring variables
  • Writing loops and making decisions

JavaScript Functions

  • Writing functions
  • Invoking functions
  • Event handing

Accessing Elements on the Web Page

  • Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Accessing elements on the web page
  • Modifying elements on the web page
  • Adding elements to the web page

Additional Libraries and Techniques

  • Overview of jQuery
  • Overview of Bootstrap
  • Overview of React
  • Overview of Angular

Accessing the Server

  • Overview of Ajax
  • Overview of REST
  • Making simple REST calls to the server