Web Development QuickStart

This course provides an introduction to client-side Web development. The course begins with a summary of how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fit together, and then goes into each of these three topics in sufficient detail to enable you to start creating your own Web pages.

The course does not assume prior experience in Web development. We cover everything you need to know about HTML and CSS. However, some programming experience is required for the JavaScript part of the course; you should be comfortable with programming concepts such as variables, loops, decision-making, and functions.


3 days



  • 3-6 months experience with a contemporary language

What you'll learn

  • Understand client-side web development technologies
  • Creating HTML web pages
  • Using HTML controls effectively
  • Creating CSS style sheets
  • Defining common CSS styles
  • Making a Web page dynamic via JavaScript
  • Understand JavaScript language essentials
  • Handling user interaction events
  • Manipulating Web page content using JavaScript

Course details

Web Development Concepts and Technologies

  • The role of Web servers and browsers
  • HTTP requests and responses
  • Defining a Web page using HTML
  • Styling documents using CSS
  • Implementing dynamic behaviour using JavaScript

Creating Simple HTML Web Pages

  • HTML document structure
  • Defining text content using div, span, etc.
  • Defining headers
  • Creating hyperlinks

Lists and Tables

  • Creating ordered and unordered lists
  • Configuring list appearance
  • Creating tables, table rows, and table columns
  • Configuring table layout

Defining Forms

  • The role of forms in HTML
  • Defining input controls
  • Defining buttons
  • Submitting and resetting forms

Working with Images

  • Image file formats
  • Adding images to a web page
  • Configuring images
  • Using images in hyperlinks

Getting Started with CSS

  • Overview of CSS
  • Defining inline and embedded styles
  • Linking to external style sheets
  • Overview of media queries and adaptive rendering

Understanding CSS Selectors

  • Element selectors
  • Class selectors
  • id selectors
  • Combining selectors
  • Positional selectors
  • Attribute selectors
  • Chaining and grouping selectors

Details of CSS Styling

  • Styling backgrounds
  • Styling text
  • Styling fonts
  • Styling lists
  • Styling tables

Understanding the CSS Box Model

  • Overview
  • Defining borders
  • Defining padding
  • Defining margins

Controlling Layout

  • Visibility and display
  • CSS positioning
  • Floating elements
  • Additional techniques

Getting Started with JavaScript

  • Overview of JavaScript
  • Defining immediate JavaScript code
  • Defining JavaScript functions
  • Overview of common JavaScript libraries

JavaScript Essential Syntax

  • Declaring variables
  • Using operators and expressions
  • Loops and decision making
  • Functions
  • Alert, confirmation and prompt boxes

Event Handling

  • Event-handling concepts
  • Handling events inline
  • Defining event-handler functions
  • Handling common types of events

Window and Document Management

  • Interacting with the browser
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Accessing nodes in the document
  • Manipulating existing content in the Web page
  • Adding new content to the Web page

What Next

  • Overview of jQuery and other libraries
  • Overview of Ajax
  • Overview of HTML5 and CSS3 features