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Introduction to PHP (2 days) print Download

course overview

PHP is a popular scripting language for creating dynamic web sites, and is widely used in many major commercial web sites in industry. This course provides an introduction to PHP. We cover the core PHP syntax first, and show how to create simple dynamic web pages. We then explore how to create data-driven web pages using simple MySQL integration.

what you'll learn


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Understanding the LAMP Architecture

  • Overview of LAMP technologies
  • Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL
  • Getting ready to develop

PHP Language Fundamentals

  • Overview of core PHP syntax rules
  • Data types, variables, and constants

Operators and Flow Control

  • Arithmetic operators
  • Logical operators
  • Decision making
  • Iteration

Working with Functions

  • The benefit of functions
  • Writing and calling functions
  • Passing parameters

Working with Strings and Arrays

  • String manipulation
  • Creating arrays
  • Iterating over arrays

Using MySQL

  • Overview of Data Source Names (DSNs)
  • Understanding PHP Data Objects (PDO)
  • Executing SQL queries using PDOs
  • Displaying query results in a web page