jQuery Development

jQuery has become the de-facto standard JavaScript library for contemporary Web applications. This course describes the jQuery ethos and delves into the jQuery API details. The course also explores jQuery techniques including plugins, the jQuery UI library, and mobile development.


2 days



  • Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript

What you'll learn

  • Manipulating Web page content
  • Handling events
  • Implementing effects and animations
  • Using Ajax and REST-based techniques
  • Creating jQuery plugins
  • Using jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile

Course details

Getting Started with jQuery

  • Obtaining jQuery
  • Selecting nodes in a document by using jQuery
  • DOM manipulation

Events, Effects, and Animations

  • Event handling concepts
  • Using on()
  • Chaining events
  • Showing and hiding elements
  • Fading elements in and out
  • Animating elements


  • Overview of Ajax
  • Using Ajax directly
  • Using Ajax with jQuery
  • Making effective use of JSON
  • Consuming RESTful Web services

jQuery Plugins

  • Overview of jQuery plugins
  • Understanding jQuery techniques used in plugins
  • Defining a simple plugin
  • Iterating over target elements
  • Supporting chaining
  • Passing parameters into a plugin
  • Defining call-backs

jQuery UI

  • Overview of jQuery UI
  • Understanding the jQuery UI library
  • Using jQuery widgets
  • Using jQuery dialogs, accordions, tabs, and other layouts

Mobile Development

  • Getting started with HTML5 mobile
  • Creating a mobile user interface
  • Managing data
  • Implementing UI behaviour