JavaScript Web Development

JavaScript has grown a lot in recent years, and nowadays allows developers to create extremely dynamic and rich client-side Web applications. This course leads you through the latest JavaScript syntax and includes detailed coverage of Dynamic HTML (DTML), the Document Object Model (DOM), and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The course also shows how to use jQuery to simplify client-side programming and add Ajax support with ease.


3 days



  • Familiarity with HTML and general programming experience

What you'll learn

  • Essential JavaScript syntax
  • Object-oriented programming in JavaScript
  • Interacting with Web pages using the Document Object Model
  • Event handling
  • Creating responsive pages using Ajax
  • Using jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile

Course details

Introduction to Web development and JavaScript

  • Architecture of a Web application
  • Core Web technologies
  • DOM scripting and AJAX
  • Cross-browser compatibility

JavaScript Essential Syntax

  • Declaring variables and arrays
  • Using operators and expressions
  • Loops and decision-making constructs
  • Functions
  • Alert, confirmation and prompt boxes
  • Regular expressions

JavaScript Objects

  • Overview of objects
  • The Object type
  • Extending, modifying, and deleting an object
  • Inheriting properties and methods
  • cascading methods
  • Using predefined objects
  • Manipulating arrays
  • Creating new object types

HTML Forms

  • Overview of HTML forms
  • Accessing elements in a form
  • Event-handling
  • Validating user input

Window and Document Management

  • Interacting with the browser
  • Managing windows
  • Interacting with the status bar
  • Using timeouts, frames, and cookies
  • Managing documents
  • Detecting nodes
  • Searching for nodes
  • Adding content to the page

Advanced Event Handling

  • The core event model
  • Understanding the Event object
  • Event propagation
  • Cross-browser events

How to script CSS

  • Types of style sheets
  • Modifying styles of an element
  • CSS and positioning
  • Object models for DHTML
  • Portability

Using jQuery

  • Overview of jQuery
  • jQuery selector syntax
  • Examples of jQuery selectors 

Ajax Programming

  • Overview of Ajax
  • Creating an XMLHttpRequest object
  • Interacting with a server
  • Handling XML and JSON responses
  • Updating the user interface
  • jQuery Ajax support
  • Examples of jQuery and Ajax

Using jQueryUI

  • Overview of jQuery UI
  • Downloading and installing jQuery UI
  • Simple jQuery UI example
  • jQuery UI demos