HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Development

HTML5 and CSS3 are essential ingredients in modern-day web applications. Gone are the days of vendor-specific plugins and browser wars, and in their place we have the promise of truly open and powerful industry standards.

This course takes a detailed look at the new features in HTML5 and CSS3. The course also shows how to write effective JavaScript code to make the most of these standard technologies.


5 days



  • Familiarity with HTML and CSS
  • Experience with JavaScript or other similar language

What you'll learn

  • Using HTML5 GUI elements
  • Implementing client-side behaviour using HTML5 APIs
  • Using CSS3 style features
  • Writing JavaScript code effectively

Course details

HTML and CSS Core Principles

  • HTML core concepts and syntax
  • CSS core concepts and syntax

Creating HTML5 and CSS3 Web Pages

  • HTML5 semantic tags
  • Additional HTML5 layout features
  • CSS3 enhancements

JavaScript Core Principles

  • JavaScript essential syntax
  • Accessing and updating HTML content by using DOM
  • Getting started with jQuery
  • Event handling

Using Forms

  • Defining a form to gather user input
  • Using the new HTML5 input elements
  • Validating input
  • Implementing JavaScript validation

Implementing Ajax-Enabled Web Pages

  • Overview of Ajax
  • Using Ajax manually
  • Using Ajax with jQuery
  • Using Ajax2 and Cross-Origin Requests (CORS)

Going Further with CSS3

  • Textual styling
  • Using CSS3 selectors
  • Additional CSS3 techniques

Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

  • Creating objects
  • Defining properties and methods
  • Defining constructors
  • Understanding prototypes
  • Implementing inheritance

Platform Integration

  • Using the File API
  • Implementing drag-and-drop
  • Incorporating audio and video
  • Using the Geolocation API

Offline Working

  • Using local storage
  • Offline working
  • Using the application cache

Creating Adaptive User Interfaces

  • Media queries
  • Creating applications that look good in different form factors
  • Creating printer-friendly applications


  • Using the canvas API
  • Using SVG
  • Techniques and recommendations

CSS3 Animations and Effects

  • Transitions
  • 2D and 3D transformations
  • Key-frame animations

Web Sockets

  • The need for Web Sockets
  • Implementing a Web Sockets client
  • Implementing a Web Sockets server

Web Workers

  • Overview of Web Workers
  • Implementing a Web Worker
  • Asynchronous programming techniques