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HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Development (5 days) print Download

course overview

HTML5 and CSS3 are essential ingredients in modern-day web applications. Gone are the days of vendor-specific plugins and browser wars, and in their place we have the promise of truly open and powerful industry standards.

This course takes a detailed look at the new features in HTML5 and CSS3. The course also shows how to write effective JavaScript code to make the most of these standard technologies.

what you'll learn


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HTML and CSS Core Principles

  • HTML core concepts and syntax
  • CSS core concepts and syntax

Creating HTML5 and CSS3 Web Pages

  • HTML5 semantic tags
  • Additional HTML5 layout features
  • CSS3 enhancements

JavaScript Core Principles

  • JavaScript essential syntax
  • Accessing and updating HTML content by using DOM
  • Getting started with jQuery
  • Event handling

Using Forms

  • Defining a form to gather user input
  • Using the new HTML5 input elements
  • Validating input
  • Implementing JavaScript validation

Implementing Ajax-Enabled Web Pages

  • Overview of Ajax
  • Using Ajax manually
  • Using Ajax with jQuery
  • Using Ajax2 and Cross-Origin Requests (CORS)

Going Further with CSS3

  • Textual styling
  • Using CSS3 selectors
  • Additional CSS3 techniques

Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

  • Creating objects
  • Defining properties and methods
  • Defining constructors
  • Understanding prototypes
  • Implementing inheritance

Platform Integration

  • Using the File API
  • Implementing drag-and-drop
  • Incorporating audio and video
  • Using the Geolocation API

Offline Working

  • Using local storage
  • Offline working
  • Using the application cache

Creating Adaptive User Interfaces

  • Media queries
  • Creating applications that look good in different form factors
  • Creating printer-friendly applications


  • Using the canvas API
  • Using SVG
  • Techniques and recommendations

CSS3 Animations and Effects

  • Transitions
  • 2D and 3D transformations
  • Key-frame animations

Web Sockets

  • The need for Web Sockets
  • Implementing a Web Sockets client
  • Implementing a Web Sockets server

Web Workers

  • Overview of Web Workers
  • Implementing a Web Worker
  • Asynchronous programming techniques