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HTML5 Development (3 days) print Download

course overview

HTML5 has emerged as an exciting and powerful new platform for creating contemporary client-side Web content. The HTML5 standard also embraces techniques for sophisticated communications with the server, via Web sockets and enhancements to Ajax.

This course takes a detailed look at all these new features in HTML5.

what you'll learn


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Creating HTML5 Content

  • HTML5 semantic tags
  • Additional HTML5 layout features
  • Additional tags and attributes
  • Using the new HTML5 input elements
  • Aria

Graphics with Canvas

  • Using the canvas API
  • Core drawing operations
  • Transformations and animations
  • Working with text

Graphics with SVG

  • Getting started with SVG
  • Drawing curves
  • Setting styles
  • Additional techniques

Video and Audio

  • Overview
  • Playing video
  • Playing audio


  • Overview of HTML5 geolocation
  • Sources of geolocation information
  • One-off position requests
  • Repeated position update

Web Storage

  • Overview of HTML5 Web Storage
  • Understanding the Web Storage API
  • Listening for storage events
  • Offline working

Files and Data

  • File handling
  • Drag-and-drop
  • IndexedDB databases
  • Web SQL databases

Communications API

  • Key principles
  • Cross-document messaging
  • Ajax XMLHttpRequest Level 2

Web Sockets

  • The need for Web Sockets
  • Implementing a Web Sockets client
  • Implementing a Web Sockets server

Web Workers

  • Overview of Web Workers
  • Implementing a Web Worker
  • Asynchronous programming techniques