Service Oriented Architecture

This course takes a detailed look at the principles and standards of Service Oriented Architecture. The course describes how to detect and define services in business processes, and shows how to represent these services using common notations. The course also investigates the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), and explores the important Web Service standards (WS-*) in common usage today.


2 days



  • Experience in object oriented analysis and/or design
  • Familiarity with enterprise systems

What you'll learn

  • SOA principles and terminology
  • Modelling services
  • SOA analysis and design
  • The role of Enterprise Service Buses
  • BPEL
  • The importance of WS-* standards

Course details

Service Oriented Architecture Overview

  • Getting started with Service Oriented Architecture
  • SOA terminology
  • Functional and Quality of Service aspects of SOA
  • Benefits of SOA


  • Overview of governance
  • SOA governance
  • SOA governance examples
  • Building a SOA governance framework

Service Principles

  • Essential service characteristics
  • SOAP services
  • Message Exchange Patterns
  • RESTful services

Service Modelling

  • Setting the scene
  • Utilizing Enterprise Architecture techniques
  • Using Business Process Modelling techniques
  • Utilizing OOAD modelling techniques

Service Oriented Analysis and Design (SOAD)

  • The role and purpose of SOAD
  • Service identification and definition
  • Best practices
  • SOAD documentation

Enterprise Service Buses

  • What is an Enterprise Service Bus
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Using Enterprise Service Buses

Introduction to BPEL

  • Achieving orchestration with BPEL
  • BPEL tools
  • A closer look at BPEL elements

BPEL Tutorial

  • Getting started with Oracle JDeveloper Studio
  • Creating a SOA Web service project
  • Creating a BPEL process
  • Deploying and testing the Web service

WS Standards

  • Setting the scene
  • Message-related protocols
  • Security protocols
  • Reliable messaging protocols
  • Additional WS* standards
  • The WS-I Basic Profile