OOAD using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive UML analysis and development tool. This course describes how to use Enterprise Architect to express your object oriented analysis and design artefacts, and also discusses how to generate and reverse-engineer code.


2 days



  • Experience in object oriented analysis and/or design
  • Familiarity with UML

What you'll learn

  • Creating projects in Enterprise Architect
  • Modelling requirements
  • Modelling use cases
  • Modelling behaviour
  • Creating class diagrams
  • Additional techniques

Course details

Introduction to Enterprise Architect

  • Getting started with Enterprise Architect
  • Modelling with Enterprise Architect

Using Enterprise Architect

  • Creating and organizing a project
  • Diagramming techniques in the IDE

Requirements Modelling

  • Documenting requirements
  • Going further with requirements
  • Importing and exporting requirements
  • Complete example

Use Case Modelling

  • Creating a use case model
  • Defining actors
  • Defining use cases
  • Defining scenarios
  • Complete example

Behavior Modelling Hands-on Tutorial

  • Reviewing the starter model
  • Defining structured scenarios
  • Improving the traceability of a scenario
  • Defining exception and alternate paths
  • Creating diagrams
  • Complete example

Class Diagrams

  • Creating an initial class diagram
  • Defining relationships
  • Defining additional information
  • Exporting and importing code

Additional Techniques

  • Component diagrams
  • Deployment diagrams
  • Working in teams