Java Portlet Development using Liferay

This course is aimed at Java Web developers who need to get up to speed quickly in developing portlet solutions in Java. The course uses Eclipse as the development environment, and Liferay as the portlet platform.


3 days



  • Good Java language experience
  • Familiarity with web development concepts

What you'll learn

  • Portlet architecture and the Java portlet API
  • Establishing a Liferay development environment
  • Implementing portlets for Liferay
  • Understanding the Liferay APIs
  • Best practices for structuring portlet solutions

Course details

Getting Started with Portlets

  • What is a portlet
  • What is a portal
  • Java portlet standards
  • Portlet lifecycle management

Introduction to Liferay

  • Overview of Liferay
  • Installing the Liferay plugin in Eclipse
  • Setting up the Liferay Portal server

Developing a Portlet using Liferay

  • Creating a Portlet project
  • Writing a simple portlet
  • Understanding the action and render phase of a portlet
  • Developing a portlet with multiple actions
  • Defining URLs for a portlet
  • Supporting preferences

Implementing a Service Layer

  • Overview of the service layer
  • Generating services
  • Defining and calling local services
  • Calling Liferay services
  • Defining and calling remote services

Supporting Themes

  • Overview of themes
  • Understanding developer mode
  • Supporting JavaScript, thumbnails, and settings
  • Theme inheritance

Defining Layout Templates

  • Creating a layout template
  • Embedding portlets in a layout template
  • Additional techniques

Overriding Liferay Behaviour using Hooks

  • Creating a hook
  • Overriding web resources
  • Customising JSP pages
  • Customising sites and site templates
  • Performing a custom action
  • Overriding a portal service