Spring Cloud Development

This course takes a detailed and pragmatic look at how to create Spring Cloud solutions. You will learn how to create microservices in Spring Cloud, and how to configure, discover, and route microservice applications. The course also shows how to implement Spring Cloud Data Flow applications, using Spring Integration and Spring Cloud Streaming as substrate technologies.


5 days



  • At least 6 months experience with Java and Spring

What you'll learn

  • Spring Cloud Microservices
  • Spring Cloud configuration
  • Discovering and routing Spring Cloud services
  • Spring Integration
  • Spring Cloud Streaming
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow
  • Spring Cloud Task

Course details

Introduction to Cloud Microservices

  • Overview of Microservices
  • Creating REST Services with Spring Boot
  • A Closer Look at Microservices and the Cloud
  • Microservices in Practice

Spring Cloud Configuration

  • Setting the Scene
  • Creating a Configuration Server
  • Accessing Configuration Info in a Client
  • Probing a Microservice via Actuator

Discovering Services in Spring Cloud

  • Setting the Scene
  • Creating a Discovery Service
  • Registering Services
  • Discovering Services

Routing Services in Spring Cloud

  • Introduction to Service Routing
  • Service Routing in Spring Cloud
  • Configuring Routes

Implementing Routing Filters

  • Introduction to Zuul Filters
  • Implementing Pre Filters
  • Implementing Post Filters
  • Implementing Route Filters

Introduction to Spring Integration

  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Using Spring Integration
  • Spring Integration Channel Interfaces
  • Spring Integration Channel Implementations

Spring Integration in Practice

  • Simple Example of Spring Integration
  • Service Activation
  • Integration Options

Spring Integration Java DSL

  • Overview of Spring Integration Java DSL
  • Using Lambdas
  • Service Activation
  • Integration Options

Spring Cloud Stream

  • Overview of Spring Cloud Stream
  • How Messaging Works in Spring Cloud Stream
  • Creating a Simple Spring Cloud Stream App
  • Additional Techniques

Getting Started with Spring Cloud Data Flow

  • Introduction to Spring Cloud Data Flow
  • Creating a Local Data Flow Server Application
  • Creating a Data Flow Shell Application

Creating a Data Flow Streaming Application

  • Setting the Scene
  • Defining Components for a Streaming App
  • Registering Components
  • Creating and Deploying a Streaming App

Data Flow Streaming Techniques

  • Using off-the-shelf Components
  • Additional Stream Techniques

Spring Cloud Task

  • Introduction to Spring Cloud Task
  • Installing and Running a Task in Spring Cloud
  • Launching a Task in a Stream