Java Enterprise Edition Testing

Java Enterprise Edition defines a platform for multi-tier enterprise development. Testing Java EE systems presents some real challenges. This course discusses various strategies and toolsets that can help you accomplish this goal.


2 days



  • At least 6 months experience in Java
  • Familiarity with enterprise development would be an advantage

What you'll learn

  • User interface testing with Selenium
  • Component testing with Arquillian
  • Acceptance testing with FitNesse

Course details

Introduction to Selenium

  • Getting started with Selenium IDE
  • Recording and running a test
  • Adding assertions and verifications

Going Further with the Selenium IDE

  • Understanding Selenium commands
  • Locating content
  • Matching text patterns
  • Using variables

Using Selenium WebDriver

  • Creating a WebDriver object
  • Fetching a Web page
  • Locating UI elements
  • Interacting with the user interface

Introduction to Arquillian

  • Understanding the challenges of Java EE testing
  • Arquillian features
  • ShrinkWrap Arquillian integration
  • Containers
  • Lifecycles

Going Further with Arquillian

  • Bean management
  • Persistence
  • Web components
  • Messaging

Acceptance Testing with FitNesse

  • FitNesse architecture
  • Defining and running FitNesse tests
  • Additional Fitnesse techniques