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Building Java Applications using Apache Ant (1 day) print Download

course overview

Ant is a popular Java library and command-line tool from the Apache Software Foundation. Ant is widely used in the Java community and is the de-facto standard tool for building, testing, and executing Java applications.

This course introduces Ant concepts and constructs, and shows how to perform common build tasks via Ant scripts.

what you'll learn


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Introduction to Ant

  • Build automation principles
  • Overview of Ant
  • Installing and configuring Ant
  • Using Ant with IDEs (e.g. Eclipse)

Key Ant principles

  • Targets
  • Dependencies
  • Tasks

Defining common Ant tasks

  • Compile tasks
  • Archive tasks
  • Execution tasks
  • File tasks
  • Properties tasks

Ant techniques

  • Using properties and variables
  • Flow control
  • Accessing command line arguments

Going further with Ant

  • Using Ant in testing
  • Using Ant in Java Enterprise applications
  • Using Ant in version control systems