Building Java Applications using Apache Ant

Ant is a popular Java library and command-line tool from the Apache Software Foundation. Ant is widely used in the Java community and is the de-facto standard tool for building, testing, and executing Java applications.

This course introduces Ant concepts and constructs, and shows how to perform common build tasks via Ant scripts.


1 day



  • Some programming experience in Java

What you'll learn

  • Understanding the role of Ant
  • Using Ant with popular IDEs
  • Building Java applications using Ant
  • Using Ant control structures and features

Course details

Introduction to Ant

  • Build automation principles
  • Overview of Ant
  • Installing and configuring Ant
  • Using Ant with IDEs (e.g. Eclipse)

Key Ant principles

  • Targets
  • Dependencies
  • Tasks

Defining common Ant tasks

  • Compile tasks
  • Archive tasks
  • Execution tasks
  • File tasks
  • Properties tasks

Ant techniques

  • Using properties and variables
  • Flow control
  • Accessing command line arguments

Going further with Ant

  • Using Ant in testing
  • Using Ant in Java Enterprise applications
  • Using Ant in version control systems