XAML and Expression Blend Fundamentals

XAML is the Extensible Application Markup Language, an XML grammar for creating Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, and Windows mobile user interfaces. You can create XAML UIs using Visual Studio, Expression Blend, or a combination of both. This course will get you up to speed quickly with XAML and Expression Blend. You’ll learn about the subtle nuances of XAML grammar, and see how to create great XAML UIs using the Microsoft Expression Studio family of tools.


3 days



  • Familiarity with XML and UI development

What you'll learn

  • Understanding XAML syntax
  • Working with meda
  • Using resources, styles, and triggers
  • Creating user interface effects
  • Defining control templates
  • Data binding
  • Defining attached behaviours
  • Prototyping Applications using SketchFlow

Course details

Getting Started with XAML Development

  • Introduction to XAML
  • Creating a WPF application
  • Creating a Silverlight application
  • Creating a mobile application
  • Getting to know the Visual Studio and Expression Blend IDEs

Creating a XAML-Based User Interface

  • Overview of controls available
  • Adding simple controls to a page
  • Using grids and other rich controls

Defining Vector Graphics

  • Overview of vector graphics
  • Creating vector graphics using Expression Design
  • Importing vector graphics into Expression Blend

Understanding the Development Process

  • Hosting pages
  • App.xaml
  • Debugging
  • URL management

Working with Media

  • Overview of audio and video support
  • Working with media files with XAML

Resources, Styles, and Triggers

  • Logical resources
  • Defining styles
  • Style inheritance
  • Using triggers

Control Templates and Behaviors

  • Overview of control templates
  • Defining control templates for controls
  • Overview of behaviors
  • Defining and using behaviors

Animations, Transformations, and Visual States

  • Overview of animations, transformations, and visual states
  • Creating animations, transformations, and visual states in Expression Blend

Data Binding

  • Concepts and terminology
  • Binding a data source to a control
  • Binding to a collection
  • Defining data templates

Prototyping Applications using SketchFlow

  • Overview of SketchFlow
  • Using SketchFlow to create a prototype application
  • Reviewing customer feedback