Using Test Manager

This course describes how to use Microsoft Test Manager to plan, create, and run test cases. You will learn how to create and run unit tests, UI automated tests, load tests and Web performance tests, generic tests, and ordered tests.


3 days



  • Development experience in .NET

What you'll learn

  • Understanding Microsoft Test Manager capabilities
  • Unit testing
  • Web testing
  • Load testing
  • Reporting
  • Additional techniques

Course details

Getting Started with Microsoft Test Manager

  • Types of testing
  • Test management in Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Test Manager

Test Manager Features

  • Creating a test plan
  • Test Suite and Test Suite types
  • Running manual tests
  • Creating shared steps
  • Automated tests

Unit Testing

  • Creating unit tests
  • Using assert statements
  • Testing ASP.NET Web pages
  • Testing web services
  • Code coverage

Web Performance Testing

  • Creating a Web performance test
  • Recording a test
  • Editing tests
  • Running and debugging a tests

Additional Web Testing Techniques

  • Parameterizing tests
  • Defining a code-based test
  • Running a code-based test
  • Custom rules

Load Testing

  • Overview of load testing
  • Defining a load test
  • Editing load tests
  • Running a load test
  • Analysing the results

Ordered and Generic Tests

  • Creating and executing an ordered test
  • Creating an executing a generic test

Managing and Configuring Tests

  • Managing tests using test lists
  • Configuring tests

Using Command-Line Utilities

  • Using MSTest
  • Running a test from the command line
  • Publishing tests results


  • Using Team Foundation Server reports for testing
  • SQL Server Business Intelligence projects

Using Test and Lab Center

  • Connecting to Team Project
  • Using Testing Center
  • Using Lab Center