Silverlight Development

Silverlight is Microsoft's platform for creating rich internet applications (RIA), based on XAML. This course provides comprehensive coverage of Silverlight syntax, techniques, and design patterns. You'll also learn how to use Prism to create composite applications.


4 days



  • Solid C# experience

What you'll learn

  • Understanding XAML syntax
  • Using resources, styles, and triggers
  • Data binding
  • Creating user interface effects
  • Defining control templates
  • Defining attached behaviours
  • Using MVVM and Prism

Course details

Getting Started with Silverlight

  • Overview of Silverlight concepts and features
  • Silverlight vs. WPF, Flash, and Ajax
  • Creating a simple Silverlight application
  • Events
  • Commands

Creating a User Interface

  • Page layouts
  • Content controls
  • Range-based controls
  • Items controls
  • Page navigation

Rich Text Editing

  • Overview of rich text
  • Using a RichTextBox
  • Editing text

Application Management

  • Application initialization parameters
  • Application splash screens

Resources, Styles, and Triggers

  • Logical resources
  • Defining styles
  • Using triggers

Data Binding

  • Data binding concepts and terminology
  • Binding a data source to a control
  • Handling property-change notifications
  • Converting data
  • Validating data

Data Binding to Collections

  • Binding to a collection
  • Defining data templates
  • Using collection views

User Interface Effects

  • Defining shapes
  • Performing animations
  • Creating and using transforms
  • Using brushes

Using Control Templates

  • Overview of control templates
  • Defining control templates for content controls
  • Defining control templates for items controls

Graphics and Multimedia

  • 2-D graphics
  • Using images
  • Multimedia

Creating Attached Behaviours

  • Overview of attached behaviours
  • How to create attached behaviours
  • Defining and using actions

Web Service Integration

  • WCF concepts
  • Calling WCF services from a Silverlight application

The Model-View-ViewModel Pattern

  • The need for MVVM
  • How MVVM works
  • Benefits of using MVVM

Using the MVVM Light Toolkit

  • Overview of the MVVM Light Toolkit
  • Creating an MVVM Light application
  • Implementing commands
  • Mapping events to commands

Using Prism

  • Understanding Prism
  • Creating composite applications
  • Dependency injection