Containers and Azure Service Fabric

This course takes a detailed look at how to plan, implement, and operate scalable and reliable microservices to Azure Service Fabric. We take a detailed look at the development issues in Web API to create stateful and stateless microservices, and see how to use the actor model to achieve concurrency and re-entrancy. We also cover important practical issues such as orchestration, containerisation, reliability, up-time and instrumentation for DevOps.


5 days



  • Solid C# programming experience
  • Awareness of cloud computing beneficial, but not essential

What you'll learn

  • Creating containerized applications
  • Creating microservices using Web API
  • Understanding Azure Service Fabric
  • Creating MSA applications on Azure Service Fabric
  • Working with Actors

Course details

Introduction to Containerisation

  • Containers vs. VMs
  • Docker essential concepts
  • Installing Docker on Windows and/or Linux

Docker Images and Containers

  • Understanding Docker images
  • Dockerfiles
  • Creating Docker images
  • Running Docker containers
  • Repositories
  • Working with Docker Hub

Digging Deeper into Docker

  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker security
  • DevOps considerations

Getting Started with Microservices

  • Monolithic vs. microservices
  • Microservice developer principles
  • Microservice DevOps principles
  • Microservice Architecture

Creating On-Premise Microservices

  • REST essentials, Creating REST applications using ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Web API technical details
  • Interactions between REST services

Going Further with Web API

  • OWIN pipeline
  • Middleware
  • Services
  • CORS
  • Security issues

Getting Started with Azure Service Fabric

  • Essentials of cloud computing
  • Azure characteristics
  • Getting started with Azure Service Fabric
  • Using Azure Service Fabric CLI

Azure Service Development

  • Stateless services
  • Stateful services
  • Reliable services
  • Service communication
  • Common deign patterns and idioms


  • Overview of actors
  • The Virtual Actor platform
  • Service Fabric Reliable Actors
  • Understanding the Reliable Actors API
  • Concurrency and re-entrancy

A Closer at Look State

  • Options for managing state in Azure
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Queue Storage

Practical Issues

  • Testing
  • CI/CD
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Operational management